Directions to In-Between Bridge Club

The G & G In-Between Bridge Club is in the Palm Plaza which is located on the SE corner of Bee Ridge and McIntosh Roads. The address is 4414 Bee Ridge. From I-75, take Exit 207, go west on Bee Ridge for about 2 miles. You can enter the Plaza from either Bee Ridge Road or McIntosh Road. (Turn left into the Plaza before you get to McIntosh. If you reach McIntosh, turn left and enter the plaza from the west side). Palm Plaza is an L-shaped strip mall. The Bridge Club is in the “elbow” of the “L”, in the courtyard. There are three convenient entrances to the club: front (through the courtyard), side, and rear. There are several handicap parking spaces near the rear entrance. The parking is plentiful in both front and rear.


In-Between Directional Map