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Solidify your understanding of basic bidding in this 8 week class. Topics include: hand evaluation, the modern approach to opening the bidding in 1st and 2nd seat, opening light in 3rd and 4th seat, responding to the opening bid, opener's and responder's rebid, (including reverse bids), new suit game try. Make sure you have a sound bidding foundation to build on!
Teacher: Michelle Golden

Tuesdays: January 9 through February 27, 2018, 9-11 am

 Fee: $120 for the 8 week series or $20 per individual class
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DUPLICATE TACTICS : Improve your duplicate game! Topics include: opening light in 3rd and 4th seat, signaling, counting a hand, and the following popular conventions: negative doubles, Michaels cuebid, new minor forcing, unusual notrump and Cappelletti. The format is a 25 minute mini-lesson followed by a 2 hour ACBL sanctioned duplicate game. All right, true confession, this is Easybridge 3! It's a great way to improve your duplicate game and earn some masterpoints! Each class stands alone. New students can join at any time. Bring a partner or come alone. Partners are guaranteed! Teacher: Michelle Golden

Mondays: January 8 through February 26, 2018, 9-11:30 am
Fridays: March 23 through May 11, 2018, 9-11:30 am
Fee: $10 per class, pay as you go
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PLAY OF THE HAND WORKSHOPS : The focus is on declarer play with these hands-on workshops. Each class will have 5-7 hands to play and discuss. You will be guided through how to make a plan, identifying winners and losers, and ways to develop tricks. Teacher: Michelle Golden

Wednesdays: March 7 through April 25, 2018, 9-11 am

Fee: $120 for the 8 week series or $20 per individual class.
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THINKING BRIDGE : Develop your critical thinking at the bridge table. Each class will have 5-7 challenging hands to play and discuss, with pointers on all aspects of the game: bidding, play, and defense. Teacher: Michelle Golden

Wednesdays:  January 10 through February 28, 2018, 9-11 am
Fee:  $120 for the 8 week series of $20 per individual class.
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INTRODUCTION TO DEFENSE : Learn to defeat your opponents more frequently! Topics include: opening leads, second hand play, third hand play, when to cover an honor, signaling (attitude, count, suit preference), interfering with declarer. Each class includes 4 hands to play and discuss. Teacher: Michelle Golden

 Tuesdays: March 6 through April 24, 2018, 9-11 am
 Fee: $120 for the 8 week series or $20 per individual class

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INTRODUCTION TO TWO OVER ONE : The 2/1 bidding system is played by an overwhelming majority of tournament players. Learn the basics in this 4 week introductory class. We focus on the underlying bidding structure of 2/1: defining opener's rebids and responder's rebids and the 1NT forcing convention.
Teacher: Michelle Golden

Wednesdays: October 4 through October 25, 2017, 9-11 am
Tuesdays: May 1 through May 22, 2018, 9-11 am
 Fee: $60 for the 4 week series or $20 per individual class
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 BASIC BRIDGE CONVENTIONS: This class is for intermediate players who want to fine tune their understanding of the basic conventions: Stayman, Jacoby transfers, weak two bids, strong 2C opener. Some of the finer points that will be addressed are: Can Stayman be used with less than 8 points? Should you use Stayman or Jacoby transfers when you are 5-4 or 6-4 in the majors? Is a new suit response to a weak two opening bid forcing? Can you ever make a weak two bid with opening bid strength? Is the 2C opening bid forcing to game? Bring your partner with you as we explore these issues and many more.  Teacher: Michelle Golden

Mondays: March 5 through April 23, 2018, 9-11 am

Fee: $120 for the series or $20 per individual class
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Michelle Golden is an American Contract Bridge League accredited teacher, an accredited Easybridge! presenter, and an American Bridge Teachers' Association Master Teacher. She has been teaching bridge and directing duplicate games since 1986.    

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