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The Common Game


The Common Game is a service offered through local clubs which provides bridge players the opportunity to compare their results with players at other clubs who are playing the same hands. The In-Between Bridge Club uses Common Game hands at every session.

Participation in the Common Game does not affect a player's score or masterpoint award at the local club. The ACBL masterpoint awards continue to be scored and reported as usual.

The Common Game offers its own awards so a player has a chance to earn both ACBL masterpoints and Common Game points. Common Game awards are based on matchpointed results from all participating clubs.

What does the Common Game offer players?
    Players can compare their results with players in Florida and across the country
    Expert post-mortem analysis of some of the interesting hands played
    Individual play analysis (if your club uses Bridgemates or Bridge Pads)
    Prizes awarded monthly, quarterly and annually for both performance and attendance

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